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Sold Horses

See how some of our sold horses are doing with their new owners!

Blondy's Painted Angel

Jassy, with her new colt Texas, is in a great home with our partner Erica Wilson.

Freckled Zodiac

Zoey went to Kelly Standley, who I am sorry to say was a bad choice for a new owner.  Good Luck Zoey.

Hot Car Gal

Daisy is living with the Ybarra family as a pleasure mare.  They plan to show her in a few years.


Penny is a sweet Akhal Teke mare we sold for our new mare Taylor.

Wildfire's Stargazer

Star has finally found the best home with Mandy.  Mandy also is responsible for providing us with our minis, Whisper and Romeo!

Six Pack Summer


Sierra went home with Steve, a trainer, cutter and reiner.  She should be a winner soon.

IMA Pretty Penny

Doodles, Snickers' little baby, is all grown up!  She is at home with a vet and his family.

Drumroll Please

Drummer is a fabulous horse that is now enjoying his new home.

Sheza Little Sundance

Sundance is in good hands with our friend Amber.

Justa Silver Trinket

Trinket, a pony with a sad past, now has a bright future with Amber.

IMA Redneck Gal

Good luck Pumpkin, and have fun with your new owner!  She wants to make Punk a jumper!

Oakies All Jazzed Up

Quarter Horse - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Daffodil

Thank you Jennifer for taking Daffodil home with you.

Lew Hancock Poco


Have fun Lou and enjoy life with your new owner, Amber!

Bobby Ann Cody


Thank you Mandy for giving her a new home, I believe Razzy will be pleased.



Thanks to Julie and her son, Billy is their new pony!