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Ranch Family

Hey guys!  This is the page for the rest of us at the ranch, the hands, grooms, and family members!  We show pics, recommend games, have games, jokes, and news.  We always have something going on, whether it is a contest, sale, or just plain new jokes, we have fun all the time!  So wlecome, and come back soon, cause you never know what's happining!


Brand new Game!

Wow!  Our very first game!  Apple Run Ponies is an online horse sim game that is absolutely free!  Everyone should go and check it out, become a member, it's lots of fun!  You can breed, train, and sell your horses!  Choose from 3 breeds of ponies and 7 breeds of horses, and make online friends!  It is all a very kid safe and friendly website, that is run by Apple Run Ranch!  Check it out soon, because the first 10 gamers get free training licenses!  And our 100th player will recive a million credits!(which is money on the game).  Just follow this link to join!


Is there a young artist around here?  We are looking for a child, ages 8 to 13, to be our new Trainer Books illustrater!  We want you to email in a digital pic of the drawing, colored or not, it doesn't matter what they use as long as there is no tracing, copying, or computer editing.  We will choose ten finalists to send in another drawing, that we wll give detals on, and finally choose our new artist!  Now here's the good part:  If you win, your child never even has to leave her home!  We will email details on each pic we need, and they will fax it to us!  

   Click here to send us a pic!

Don't quite get it, click here to send an inquiry.    

Super awesome extra crunchy horse quiz created by the ranch team!!! Wanna check it out, click the link below.


Game Suggestions

Try this awsome horse ranch simulater, done online! It is free for basic players, and only 29.95 for premium players! 
Click here to try it

Here's another great simulater, I like this one a bit better.  Once agin, its free for basic players.  Choose from english, or racing.  In racing, choose to be a trainer, jockey, or stable owner.  They also have western, but you need a code from a member of the western group, so you can get in.  If you are a member, maybe you could invite me, I don't have one!

Click here to play this great game
Click here to send me a code!

And try this one too!  It's a simpler game, and is pretty fun.

Click here to try it

Here is another, really great game to play.  And its free!

Click here to play Ponybox!

And try these other great store bought games!  

Let's Ride Silver Buckle Stables

Let's Ride Champion's Collection

Let's Ride Corral Club

Let's Ride Friends Forever

Let's Ride Riding Star

Let's Ride Rosemond Hill Collection

Let's Ride Dreamer

Paws and Claws Pet Vet

Paws and Claws Animal Hospital

Paws and Claws Pet School

Paws and Claws Safari Vet

Paws and Claws Pet Vet 2

Jump and Ride Riding Academy 3D

Saddle Up (By Lexis Numerique)

Champion Dreams (By Lexis Numerique)

Horsez  (By Lexis Numerique)

Lucinda Greene's Equestrian Challenge

Equestraid 2001

Horse Illustrated

Barbie Horse Adventures Mystery Ride

Barbie Riding Club

Barbie Pet Rescue

If you know a great storebought, or online game, tell us about it, and we might list it, and give you a special prize!

Click here to tell us about that great game!


These are some great polls.  Remeber, there is no wrong answer, we just want your opinion.  Have fun!