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This is the Mares' page. Click on the group of mares you want to visit.  Some of our mares are for sale, it will say so on their notes, check out pricing and info on the For Sale page!


AQHA Mares. (These are our quarter horse mares that are bred to our stallion Mister.  They are chosen carefully.)

APHA Mares. (These are the paint mares for Mister.  They are chosen by temperment, bloodline, and comformation.)

NPHR Mares. (These are Snickers mares that do not have color.  They are selected by build and temperment.)

APPR Mares. (These are Snickers' colored mares.  NOTE: This link does not work; there are no mares in this category.











































































AQHA Mares

These mares are registered Quarter Horse and are bred to our stallion, Mister Cowboy Array.  We choose our mares based on conformation, temperment, and bloodline.  We currently only have one mare, because our standards are kept high. 

Registered Name: Par Oakie
Gender: Mare
Year Born: 2000
Height: 14.3
Color: Red Roan
Breed: Quarter Horse
Reg: AQHA 
Oakie is our golden girl.  She has the best temperament and is always the first to greet you in the pasture.  Oakie was one of our first broodmares.  She is gentle and she is ridden occasionally, but is happier as a mom and she is good at what she doe, although she does enjoy a nice trail ride from time to time.  She has very nice bloodlines that shine through in her foals.  Oakie was a reining mare when we first got her, and she really was good at it, but she hated her job.  She has a great head, hip, and shoulder, and passes that onto her offspring. 



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APHA Mares

These are the American Paint Horse mares that we breed.  These girls have class, elegance, and fine breeding, with super gentle attitudes that are great for producing.  They also have something that any horseman can admire: COLOR!

Registered Name: Rici Taylor's Flamen
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Height: 15.2
Color: Dun Overo
Breed: Paint Horse
Rici Taylor's Flamen, the name says it all!  Taylor is a breathtaking Dun Overo with a dorsal stripe, bald face, and lovely black tipped ears.  She is a bit shy, but is sweet and loving.  Her hip alone is a show stopper, along with her lovely shoulders and neck, she wins it all.  Her lines include, Freeway Foxy, Quincy Dan, Three Bars, Doc Bar, Terrific Dollar, Bold Ruler, and more.



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NPHR Mares
Snicker's little girls.  Although they don't have a painted coat, they have hearts of gold.  These mares are chosen under strict standards and rigorous examinations.  Check them out!

Legendary Dakota, by Dakota's Legacy and Legendary Dreamer, is an adorable sorrel mare that is part Blazer and part Curly horse.  She LOVES people, and is as much a lady as a horse could ever be. She rides like a racehorse too.  She is a little uphill, but she jumps fences like they are flat ground.  She will produce hunter style ponies with Snickers.



Our little pony, Midnights Lady Bella, is a great lesson horse and trail mare.  She produces little kid's ponies that can go either enliglish or western, jumping, trail, or driving.  She and Snickers' all around babies will be available next year.


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