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Peter Bird was a Black Albino Pygmy Chicken.  Is that a bit hard to understand?  Okay I will explain it.   Peter had black feathers, but if he were a hen he would have laid white eggs, and any of his chicks would be Albino.  He was a Pygmy Chicken, so he never go much bigger than a human hand.  He was an adorable pet that would walk on a leash, answer questions by clucking, take naps with you, and perch on your shoulder or hand,  He could fly, and would also do so on a leash.  Peter had an extremely high pitched crow that we all miss.  He was left in the outside cage by mistake, and died in a storm.  I do not have any pictures of Peter, and for that I am very sorry.  I will be searching through my pictures of the baby chicks and I will see if there are any with him in it.


Dusty was a well loved western pleasure and trail horse of Apple Run. Dusty coliced and twisted his gut.  Dusty had to be shot 03/03/08.

Quarter Horse / Arabian - Horse in Norco California - Dusty


Peanut was a Norwegian Fjord, the breed of horse that we were going to breed.  At only 13, Peanut got founder and had to be euthanized.  We have made this page in memory of those we could not save, and for Peanut.

 Norwegian Fjord - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Peanut


Destiny was the first horse of the AR Ranch.  She was very wild, and we tried everything to help her.  We took her to a pro trainer, and he put her in the wrong stall.  20 horse were taken form the trainers and sent to the auction, and Destiny went by mistake.  We still do not know where she is.  We just want to know she is okay, and alive.  We offer a 2,000 dollar reward if you can bring her back alive.  Email us if you have any info about her, or want some more info on her to help us find her.  She was last seen at Mike's Auction in Limonite CA, she has perfect diamond on her forehead, and has three or five spots on her right side, there is also a dent there like she was kicked in the ribs.  She has a sock and ermine on her left rear leg.  She hates her feet done, will not let men ride her, is hard to catch or cinch, but is very well halter broke and rides nicely, she is alo a wonderful mother that lets her foals climb all over her.

Paint / Quarter Horse - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Maple

Paint / Quarter Horse - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Maple

Paint / Quarter Horse - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Maple

Paint / Quarter Horse - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Maple


Penny was a beloved broodmare and Snickers only friend.  Penny died of liver failure. 

Pony of the Americas / Welsh Pony - Horse in Norco California - Penny


This was our little female rabbit.  Biscuit died of pregnancy complications, but she was always a happy little rex rabbit.


One of our first horses, Popcorn had a drastic fight with colic at 35 years old.  After the fight, poor Popcorn was so sick that he passed away from a heart attack.  We will always love you Popcorn.

Paint / Quarter Horse - Horse in Caldwell Idaho - Maple