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This is our Gelding's page. 

Sunny is our family pet, and we would never sell him.  He is also a Carrot Gang member!  Sunny is about 13.2 hands and jumps a breathtaking 5 feet!  He is destined for Pony Club and we are trying our best to put him there.  Even though we don't want to sell him, we want to show him, so we are looking for an experienced rider less than 100 pounds that is willing to help me get him in the ribbons.  You would lease him from us for free, and get free weekly lessons on him, and in return you show him for us.



Also known as FrecklesGotmagic, Freckles is the ringleader of the Carrot Gang.  He can often be seen at the shows of the Boise Saddle and Jump Club.  This pony has jumped at a height of 4 foot 6 but he is now down to 3 feet as I worry about him in his old age.  Freckles is abut twenty years old, but he is so hard headed and full of it that you would never know it.  He is learning Dressage and doing well, but he hates going so slowly.  He would rather be racing the wind, and a few thoroughbreds as well.  You will see Freckles at the Boise Saddle and Jump Club shows with Teddy.



Teddy is an awsome show horse that owns my life completely!  He is a best friend to Freckles, and he wants to learn Dressage.  Mostly because Freckles is learning, but I think he could do it.  He is a gorgeous horse and he jumps three feet.  He is unstoppable in the show ring, and loves taking the blue.  Teddy, whose show name is Two Step, loves jumping and horse shows.