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Welcome to the Babies' page.  

This little filly is one of Snickers many painted babies!  She is a sweet little filly and is currently for sale.  Grab her while you can!  This filly is super cute and gentle.  She was born in Texas, and traveled all the way here to Idaho.  So there is no doubt that she trailers well.  She is the last filly from her mother, Penny.  Penny had a few fillies before her, but they are untraceable.  This filly can be registered. 

Welsh Pony / Pony of the Americas - Horse in Norco California - Snickerdoodles

Pumpkin's first baby!  And she is also Pumpkin's only baby.  She is also one of a VERY few foals out of the stallion Cars.  She is also for sale.  Daisy is going to be registered with the PHA. She is a pretty Palomino that is probably the most versatile in the barn.

Spanish for little cinnamon, this baby is super sweet.  But be careful, she has quite a snap!  Originally nicknamed Fireball, Mister's first baby is sure to be a winner!  She has all the class in the world.  Great bloodlines, and looks to go with it.  Canelita is a sweet little filly that is turning liver chestnut.  She is available for sale.  She was imprinted at birth, and already trailers, clips, ties, bathes, and comes when called.  She has been saddled and bridled, and she know her roundpen and lunge line work too.