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Adoption form

Hello, this is the AR Adoption or buying form.  Before you buy a horse, we ask that you please fill out this form, so we can asses what kind of home the horse would go to.  Even if you are not interested, you can fill it out for fun! All of the questions are required, and plese answer honestly, no answer is a wrong answer! *Where would you keep your new horse?
In a pasture at home.
In a pasture boarded
In a barn at home.
In a barn boarded
*Are there any special facilities at your farm?
Turnouts on a barn
Shed in a pasture
Hot walker
Round pen
Wash rack
Automatic spray systems
Home grown hay
Other animals
Indoor Arena
Covered Arena

*On a particularly dusty day, your horse is coughing, he
Probably can't take the dust
Has Heaves
Has Cushings
Is sick
Has choke
Ate something poisonous
*You go to feed your horse and he is kicking at his stomach, he:
Has colic, you call the vet.
Has colic, you drive him down a bumpy road in the trailer.
Has hunger pains, you feed him.
Has hunger pains, you call the vet.
Has a broken leg, you call the vet.
Has a broken leg, you shoot him.
*If a horse breaks his neck, he will die.
*You breed a double dilute cremello stallion to a sorrel, you will get a
*Foals should be imprinted
At birth
At conception
When standing
When nursing
After and hour
After a day
As a weanling
As a yearling
*The horse you are riding suddenly starts bucking, you:
Scream and hold on tight.
Spur him on whooping and hollering
Fall off
Spin him in a tight circle.
Jump off and get a tiedown.
*You are riding your horse by a tractor, and your horse seems spooked, you
Find another route
Look up and ride by
Smack the horse with a crop and keep going
Talk loudly to your horse to keep him busy
Dismount and lead him by
Get a running start
Back him by it
None of these things
*A horse you don't own is incredibly skinny, you
Attempt to by it
Attempt to sell it
Give the owner hay
Scream at the owner
Kill the owner
Beat up the owner
Feed the horse
Call 911
Call the Humane Society
Do nothing
Steal the horse
*Your child's beloved pony has an incurable illness, you
Shoot the pony
Shoot the kid
Have the pony euthanized
Sell the pony
Have your kid shoot the pony
Take the pony to an auction
Eat the pony
Keep the pony alive
Ask your wife
Ask your husband
Ask your kid
Ask your parents
*Your horse bolts with you, you
Pull on the reins
Fall off
Scream for help
Jump off
Turn him in a circle
Jerk him hard so he falls
Laugh and urge him onward
*Your new horse bites you, what do you do?
Ignore him, he will quit in his own time.
Smack him hard, he needs to learn.
Take him out of his stall and whip him, then leave him tied for an hour.
Take him back and demand a refund.

*Are You answering this quiz for fun?
I'm not telling
*Are You answering the quiz for the Contact Us Password?
Ooh, secret password. YES YES YES! (Not really)
Okay, now we come to the contact part of the form.  If you are just entering this for fun, you don't have to fill this part out.  but if your are interested in a horse, PLEASE fill it out.