Apple Run Horses and Ponies

Breeding the Best APHA, AQHA, APPR, NPHR, and PHA Horses and Ponies for a Variety of Uses.

Because Life is Better on Horseback!


Apple Run Horses and Ponies has joined forces with K Bar E Quality Paints and Quarter Horses.  The Ranch owner Erica Wilson is our new partner!  She offers horse training and western riding lessons.  Click Here to see her website.

Another new type of animal has joined the AR Ranch.  His name is Seymore.  I will give you some clues as to what Seymore is.  He has long ears, a cross on his back, and goes HEEEHAW!  Thats right, Apple Run has a donkey! 

We have a new member of the ranch unlike any other.  Her name is Quacks and I think you could guess why.  I now have a DUCK!  She came here when a string of coyotes killed her flock, and she has been here ever since.  I made her a coop and take her on walks daily.

Baaaaa! Did we get your goat?  Sean, Gili, and Gree are our new goat friends.  Gili and Gree are our girls for breeding, while Sean is busy applying as a Carrot Gang member.

Apple Run has gone MINI!  That's right, we now have miniature horses as well as the horses and ponies.  Go on the mare's and stallion's page to meet Romeo and Whisper!  Whisper is a sweet and gentle AMHA registered silver dapple tobiano mare, and Romeo is a super cute and handsome AMHA black and white stallion.  They both have class and quality, so look for their babies soon, and look for them in the show rings even sooner!

We have aquired a few new paint mares.  Go on to the mare's page to check out Zoey, Jassy, and Taylor.


What We Do, And How We Do It

  We breed quality Quarter Horses and Paints with our sweet mares and our stallion, Mister Cowboy Array.  He is a super gorgeous sorrel overo stallion with a conformation that screams perfection.  He has taken multiple halter championships.  His foals take his temperment, which is calm and has a taste for the show ring.  Our mares are chosen expertly for their fine qualities.  Our stallion, with his heart of gold and great show record, sires babies worth twice the average amount.  We imprint the foals to ensure they have a great start, and roundpen work them as weanlings, ensuring that they have had trailering, bathing, farriery, leading, clipping, and tying mastered before they reach three months.  They are equipped with a bareback pad by seven months, and flagged out to be bombproof by eight.  These foals are then fitted with a saddle and bridle by month nine.  They have fully mastered their groud driving by ten months old.  Our babies are halter shown as yearlings and two year olds, unless sold at that point.  By two and a half they recieve their first ride.  At three years of age, they are trained so that they find their true calling, and finished for that.  Then our work is done, and our wonderful horses are ready for their new homes.  They will continue to show until sold.  So when you find a horse you are interested in, its best to buy it first chance, because the price is only going to go up from there.

   A good breeder knows quality.  And when we found Ima Candy Man, we knew we had the exact definition.  Snickers is a super well broke sweetheart of a stallion, all that comes in a kid size package.  We breed him to carefully selected pony mares, and we strive to perfect the pony.  Snickers is an APPR pony, which makes his foals showable in APPR scheduled events.  His babies are unique in the fact that they are imprinted foals that are handled constantly, and learn roundpen work as yearlings.  They are saddled and bridled at nine months, and at 2 years 6 months of age they are backed.  When they turn three, their training is finished and they are sold as bombproof ponies with papers and hearts of gold.  These ponies are bred from such a versatile stallion, that we pick mares in specific disciplines to make for perfect jumping, barrel, and halter ponies to fit any child's needs.  We do it because we love ponies, and we love kids.  These ponies are sturdy enough to take care of your child for years until they reach that stage where they move from pony to horse.  Then these wonderful ponies are trained properly enough to be used for pleasure cart driving and driving competition, and hold enough longevity to help your child teach their young ones to ride. 


Apple Run is a 25 acre horse ranch.  We have a large 9 stall barn with automatic fly sprayers, padded floors, fans, and a tack room with a drink-stocked fridge.  Four of the stalls have a 20X40 foot turnout, two more of them have a 20X20 foot turnout, while one is used for our feed room and the last two are converted into a rabbitry barn. The ranch has a large fenced area that contains a large amount of 16X24 foot corrals, a round pen, and a paddock.  Aside that we have a pair of 5 acre pastures with a collection of grasses, alfalfa, and some weeds for variety.  Very close to the barn and corrals we have an acre of arena complete with its own round pen.  A hitching post and tack shed complete the equine area. 

We have fifteen acres where we grow our own alfalfa/orchard/oat grass hay.  We also have a small goat corral, as goat milk is a very good milk replacer for orphan foals, and a small cattle enclosure for our home grown beef, as well a chicken coop for our own eggs.

A garden of the best horse-friendly vegetables and scattered fruit trees complete our way of life.  So come visit us sometime.

The whole ranch is kept insect free thanks to Spalding Lab's Fly Predators. 


To contact us about any of our services, pleace see the Contact Us page.

Apple Run is now offering boarding!  We have, as stated above, many different types of facilities.  All boarding comes with full use of the arena and tack shed.  Stable and Corral boarding comes with feeding of our home grown hay, stall cleaning every other day, and the ability to feed special supplements or perform any special care needed. Rules: Horses will be removed from pasture boarding if they fight with other horses. Horses will be removed from stable boarding if they chew wood or break fences.  Horses that crib must have cribbing collar.  Stallions must be at least one pen away from other horses.  Need vet check before bringing horse to facility. Prices: stable-175, corral-150, pasture-130. Spaces are limited.

Our methods are very professional and humane, and the approach changes with the horse's individual personality.  We keep a flexible program because every horse is different.  For a thirty day program the prices are 125 plus gas for training away and 200 for training on our property.  Training away usually uinvolves 1 and a half hours a day of training and on premises training can involve up to 3 hours a day training.  Includes daily grooming, stall cleaning, groundwork, and under saddle work.  60 days is 225 plus gas away and 350 here.  For a 90 day training program it is 310 plus gas away and 450 here and if requested, we can start the horse in a specific discipline, such as hunter/jumper, dressage, barrel racing, trail riding, reining, roping, or cutting.  Our specialty is hunter/jumper ponies!  We take 15 dollars off hunter jumper ponies for a 90 day training.  Pony must be under 14.2 and old enough to jump (5 or over unless otherwise specified by owner).  Horse must have vet check before work begins.

I teach beginner barrel racing, beginner to experienced hunter, beginner to experienced jumper, beginner to experienced cross country, beginner dressage and basic english or western riding as well as horsemanship (teaching you to train).  If you want to take lessons on your horse, if he is not boarded with us he will need a vet check every six months.

We have stallions standing at stud!  Our stallions each have booking fees (pick a month to bring the mare and we will keep a stall open for her all month, then bring her the week she comes in season, or keep her here all month) that are non refundable because they literally take up a usable stall for a month.  Then they each have a stud fee.  If brought just for the week of heat, the stallion will not cover on the first day so the mare can get used to her surroundings.  Then she is covered for the week until she comes out of season.  The mare is groomed, lightly exercised (trotted in the roundpen unless otherwise specified), fed, and has her stall cleaned daily and mare care is 10 dollars a week.  She is kept in a large stall for the duration. Add an extra 35 dollars to a stud fee for a live foal guarentee.  Multiple mare disount!  Take 35% off the price for each additional mare, not including booking but including mare care.

Do you want to breed your horses but don't know how to handle a stallion?  We can do that for you!  We have been breeding horses for years.  Bring the mare and stallion in for a month.  When the mare comes in season, we will breed them and treat them the same as our horses or other client's horses.  You can specify how often and for how long you want them bred, and we will do the rest.  This costs 250 per service.  For an additional 50, you can have your stallion stand out for stud to other mares at your own price, and you get the money, we do the breeding.  If the mare does not come in season that month, we can keep her an additional month for free, but if she still doesn't season, take her home and have her checked by a vet.  No live foal guarentees, no refunds.

Rules: Breeding horses is sometimes a dangerous business.  To avoid injuries, no mares or stallions accepted with shoes on.  If a horse bites they will be muzzled when bred.  A horse that kicks will be hobbled.  If the mare or your stallion is too agressive, we will refund your breeding fee and send them home.  Horses must have vet checks saying they are sound to breed.